An ideal unit for use with boilers, solar and geothermal to heat water for domestic use. ERGOMAX is a heat exchanger which uses thermal storage and turbulence to heat water instantaneously on demand. ERGOMAX can be connected to any source of heat such as boilers (gas, oil, electric), solar, geothermal etc. ERGOMAX is the only unit that can: heat domestic water; be used for space heating (baseboard and radiant); buffer boilers to eliminate short cycling (saving fuel) and do all these functions at the same time (see ERGOMAX Improvements).

Boiler water fills, and is circulated through, the ERGOMAX tank, thus eliminating the potential for scaling and corrosion, ensuring that the ERGOMAX/boiler combination will always operate at maximum efficiency. Turbulence is also created within the ERGOMAX tank to maintain an ideal environment for heat transfer.

When demand for hot water occurs cold water enters ERGOMAX's coils and is heated as it flows through the them in a turbulent manner. This turbulence scours the inside of the coils minimizing the potential for scaling that could occur and helping to keep the coils clean.

ERGOMAX has a limited lifetime residential warranty, and commercial limited warranty is 10 years.

ERGOMAX technology, thermal storage and turbulence, results in many benefits: 


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