Further Improvements to ERGOMAX Heat Exchangers 

All ERGOMAX models are now manufactured with two extra connections to the boiler water in tank (for a total of four). Domestic water, as always, is heated in the copper heat exchanger immersed in the boiler water in the tank, however, the two new tank connections allow the same boiler water in the tank to also be used for space heating (baseboard/radiators and radiant), to buffer boilers (eliminating short cycling) and save fuel.

                                                Suggested Piping Schematic (Primarily for residential installations)



Buffer Tanks

We are now manufacturing two buffer tanks, models BT26 & BT 48 (see the suggested piping diagram and specifications below). In those instances where an ERGOMAX heat exchanger is not used, but the boiler short cycles, a buffer tank can be used to eliminate the short cycling and save fuel. All space heating would then be heated by the boiler water in the buffer tank and not directly by the boiler. Buffer tank specifications and piping diagram are shown below. A well is provided for an aquastat, and dip tube is built into the tank.

 Model   Tank   Volume      Boiler       Connections    Height    Width   Weight
 BT26   26 gal       1.0"      42"    19.5"   150 lb
 BT48   48 gal       1 "      45"    24.5"   250 lb
 Insulation   R15+        
 Standby Loss   O hr        


Suggested Buffer Tank Piping  


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ERGOMAX Improvements & Buffer Tanks

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